3rd Grade Level Familiar Texts for Field Test 3


Henry and Mudge

Henry and Mudge Go Camping

Ready for School

Friends Forever

Henry and Mudge Go to School

So Many Kinds of Dogs

My Father’s Dragon

Wild Island

Elmer and the Dragon Find Treasure

Elmer Meets the Cat

The Baby Dragon

Elmer Packs a Bag

Ramona Quimby

Getting Sick

Information Texts

Henry and Mudge

Dogs Are Best

Taking Care of a Dog

Getting Ready for School

Fun Dogs

How to Clean a Dirty Dog

My Father’s Dragon

Taking a Trip

Different Ways to Travel

What Do Cats Like?

At the Beach

  • At the Beach Tar Heel Reader Book
  • At the Beach Powerpoint Presentation
  • At the Beach PDF
  • Objects called out in the DLM Assessments: two small paintbrushes, one wide   paintbrush (soft tips); two paper towels, one kitchen towel (straight   edge);  two pairs of sunglasses, one   pair of reading glasses (lenses); two cups with an open top, one water bottle   with an open top; two picture books with words, one   textbook with words; two regular pencils with erasers, one mechanical pencil with an eraser.


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