5th Grade Level Familiar Texts for Field Test 3


The Secret Garden

Mary Goes Exploring     [pptx]   [pdf]

Mary Home Alone      [pptx]   [pdf]     (Objects called out in the DLM Assessments: three objects.)

Mary and Colin     [pptx]   [pdf]

Tuck Everlasting

Winnie Goes Exploring     [pptx]   [pdf]

The Spring     [pptx]   [pdf]

Growing     [pptx]   [pdf]

Information Texts

The Secret Garden

Families Everywhere      [pptx]   [pdf]     (Objects called out in the DLM Assessments: one familiar object that belongs to the student and two unfamiliar objects; one photo of a familiar person and two photos of unfamiliar people.)

Be Polite      [pptx]   [pdf]

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