6th Grade Level Familiar Texts for Field Test 3


Little Women

Jo’s Haircut      [pptx]   [pdf]

Jo’s Book      [pptx   [pdf]

Jo     [pptx]   [pdf]


Living At Camp Greenlake      [pptx]   [pdf]

A Pig Goes Up the Mountain      [pptx]   [pdf]

A Pig Goes Up and Down     [pptx]   [pdf]

Information Texts

Little Women

How to Write a Story      [pptx]   [pdf]

Take Care of Your Hair      [pptx]   [pdf]     (Objects called out in the DLM Assessments: three objects from a familiar routine about getting ready for the day. Substitute another routine or other objects if necessary. The objects should be from the same routine but have unique properties (e.g., color, size, texture) that distinguish them from each other.)


Learning to Read      [pptx]   [pdf]

Pigs All Around     [pptx]   [pdf]

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