7th Grade Level Familiar Texts for Field Test 3


Black Ships Before Troy

Achilles      [pptx]   [pdf]

The Golden Apple      [pptx]   [pdf]

The Three Women      [pptx]   [pdf]

Information Texts

Black Ships Before Troy

Ancient Greece      [pptx]   [pdf]

The Olympic Tradition      [pptx]   [pdf]     (Objects called out in the DLM Assessments: three pairs of similar, but not identical, objects. The objects should be the same except for one property, such as color, size, or texture. When an object is not being used as part of a similar, but not identical, pair, it may be used as the different object.)


Survival Kit      [pptx]   [pdf]

Moose      [pptx]   [pdf]

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