9th-10th Grade Level Familiar Texts for Field Test 3


To Kill a Mockingbird

Missing the Old Farm      [pptx]   [pdf]

Dad Loved the Farm      [pptx]   [pdf]     (Objects called out in the DLM Assessment: six objects or pictures from the broad category of “animals”. Four of the objects or pictures should be from the first subgroup “farm animals” and two objects or pictures from the second subgroup “zoo animals”.)

Telling Stories      [pptx]   [pdf]

The Miracle Worker

Helen Keller      [pptx]   [pdf]

Communication      [pptx]   [pdf]

Information Texts

To Kill a Mockingbird

Friends      [pptx]   [pdf]

Farm Life, City Life      [pptx]   [pdf]

Friends are Great      [pptx]   [pdf]

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