ELA Claim 1: Students will comprehend text in increasingly complex ways

Shared Reading
This module describes shared reading, a reading approach that emphasizes interaction and engagement with books. In the DLM assessment, students frequently engage in a shared reading of a text before rereading a text to respond to questions. 
Online Self-directed Shared Reading Module
Group Facilitated Module Materials for Shared Reading

Teaching Text Comprehension: Anchor-Read-Apply
Participants will learn to identify the components of an Anchor-Read-Apply text comprehension lesson, match purposes for reading with anchor activities, and describe the difference between asking question to assess comprehension and teaching students to understand text in increasingly complex ways. 
Online Self-directed Anchor-Read-Apply Module
Group Facilitated Module Materials for Anchor-Read-Apply

Generating Purposes for Reading
This module reviews the Anchor-Read-Apply framework for reading comprehension. Participants will learn how to generate purposes for reading using the DLM Essential Elements and review activities to help students activate background knowledge. 
Online Self-directed Purposes for Reading Module
Group Facilitated Module Materials for Purposes for Reading

DR-TA and Other Text Comprehension Approaches
Participants will briefly review the anchor-read-apply framework and will be introduced to the DR- TA, KWL, and Yes/No comprehension instructional strategies. 
Online Self-directed Text Comprehension Approaches Module
Group Facilitated Module Materials for Text Comprehension Approaches